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Present Credentials Now.

……….…..Credentials Authenticated

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Ongoing Incident Report HM(CL) 0000001

Galactic Positioning System Coordinates: [REDACTED]

Origin Reference: Nyx


Head Researcher: [REDACTED]

Research Team: [REDACTED]

Security Team: [REDACTED]

Date: 5/17/2448

Full Report

As of 2100 hours, The N.M.V. Astray has been in position above [REDACTED] in the Nyx system, performing a simultaneous salvage operation of the scientific logs and data amidst the wreckage of the N.S.V. Benny Hill, as well as looking for survivors. Our second operation in the system has been the recontainment of Site H following the apparent activation of systems concealed within. Thus far, two unmanned probes have been sent into the site, operating on a direct bluespace wire connection, and yes despite this, both drones have been lost once they got within one hundred meters of the doors to the site, as though an EMP field fried their internal circuitry, despite no signs or possibility of such. We are at present preparing to send a team of five NT D.S. Ops into the site to re-establish containment.

At present, comparisons to the site from prior to the Benny Hill’s detonation and the present are glaring to say the least. Either upon detonation, or by another as yet unidentified means, almost the entire site has been cleared of debris that had apparently formerly caked the walls and other surfaces of the site, revealing a strange yellow metal that appears to be, on inspection, Bannanium, though the sheer quantity involved is unbelievable. Everything from the walls to the ceilings is either solid bannannium, or coated in it. The reasoning behind using bannanium, given it’s malleable nature, and near unavoidable honking on contact is beyond anyone present’s comprehension, as is the source of such. The entire site easily outstrips the current known supply of raw and processed bannanium threefold, at least, and that’s just what’s visible from outside. The next thing of note is that, as of this time, there appears to be movement from time to time on the site, but thus far, we have yet to get a solid grasp on just what the hell we’re looking at.

I Have tO voice some serious reservatioNs about this operation. We don’t Know what’s down tHere, and hONestly, it gives me the chills just looKing at it. THere’s sOmethiNg not right about it, and I’m hoping we’re not sending men to their deaths in the darK down there.

NOTICE, Communication was lost with the N.M.V. Astray on 5/18/2448 at 300 Hours. Long range sensors detected a large energy spike, matching signatures attributed to sound waves, and a reproduction of the waves has been reproduced at a lower frequency. It is believed that the emission of energy resulted in the complete annihalation of the N.M.V. Astray and the loss of all personnel aboard.