From NSS Phoenix


Present Credentials Now.

……….…..Credentials Authenticated

…………..………….Access Granted

……….………………..Opening File

Archeological Report BH(CL) 19461602

Galactic Positioning System Coordinates: [REDACTED]

Origin Reference: Nyx

Head Researcher: Grimaldi, Joseph

Research Team:


George G.L. Fox (MIA, Presumed Deceased.)

Emmett Kelly

Yuri Nikulin

Security Detail:

Jack Point, Head of Site Security.

Alan Clay, Security Officer.

Dario Fo, Security Officer.

Slava Polunin, Security Officer.

John Gilkey, Security Officer.

Bill Irwin, Security Officer.


Date: 5, 7, 2448

Ok, SO, that mask I mentioned in the previous report? Gone. Dr. Fox is gone too, and the two are not unrelated. Also, the big yellow doors? They opened. Just putting all that out there right now. That said, I want to preceed this report with a formal request to have myself, as well as the remaining members of the research team to be extracted from this place effective immediately. However, having worked for you lot for a while now, I know that’s not sufficient to be pulled out, so let’s get on with the report.

First off, that mask we found? Cursed or some such. Dr. Fox had been trying to take a sample from the thing for radio carbon dating early yesterday when the rest of us went out to explore some more of the temple. While we were out, however, the Head of Security out here, Jack Point, apparently came in and cracked some jokes about the mask with Dr. Fox, who apparently put the damn thing on jokingly. According to Jack though, as soon as Fox cracked a joke about Jack’s mother, the goddamn mask’s hair glowed for a moment, and the eyes went dark like Fox’s face was in shadows, despite the lighting in the examination chamber being bright enough that jack should have been able to see them, and Fox’s lips apparently turned a pale white. According to Jack, the lights flickered after that, and Fox was in his face, throwing him across the room, over the table like a goddamn rag doll, and was out the airlock before Jack could stop him, without even putting on an excavation suit. Remember, there’s no atmospherics in the temple proper, so Dr. Fox walked into the vaccum of space like it was no big deal, and just kept going. By the time Jack had radio’d us, Fox was already at the doors, and we could hear the damn things opening with a loud ass grinding sort of like a fog horn going off that we could hear from the vibrations alone through the stone beneath us.

Needless to say, we hauled ass back to the main chamber to see how the hell Dr. Fox had opened them, but the only one who got to actually see him was Yuri, who hasn’t been able to tell us what the hell he saw exactly without screaming and breaking down to a jibbering weeping wreck. The mask was laying on the floor outside the yellow doors, and has been since we got back, none of us being brave enough to touch the thing yet, and the doors shut before I could even get around the corner myself, though Jack said he saw them closing, but couldn’t see in the darkness beyond them.

According to Jack, Dr. Fox was moving like a man possessed, ignoring the rushing air, Jack screaming at him, the lack of pressure, everything, just making a beeline for the doors. At this moment, we don’t know what exactly opened them, or what happened to Dr. Fox after, except for Yuri, who is, again, not terribly helpful right now, and has just been weeping in the quarters with his hands over his face the entire time since we got him inside.

The most disturbing thing though is that about half an hour after we got everyone back inside the camp, and after Jack increased the number of guards on duty here at the camp itself to two a shift, we all heard this massive resounding honk, deafening in volume, from somewhere beneath the floor we’re standing on, which set Yuri, who had just been starting to stop crying so hard off again, and he’s not been able to stop sobbing and vomiting everywhere since.

Now, again, we’re requesting that we be pulled out from this hellish place immediately. None of us have the will to continue working here after this shitstorm.