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Aviskree coded by Yashaldie and designed by Puckaboo2. Details and lore created by regtaf, JamieDigweed and Nightspark43.

Big Picture

The Aviskree hail from the large "Moon" of the Tajaran home planet Ahdomai, S'ranjir, known as Avis to them, in the underground, and almost completely unknown, city of Avikaria, in 2534 Mining operations funded by Osiris Atmospherics had uncovered the city and species, and Nanotrasen took the Aviskree in and educated them for five years.

At the current time (2559), Aviskree work mostly with Nanotrasen and Osiris Atmospherics, but can be found in most other companies, many of their old traditions still take place.

General information


The Aviskree are a humanoid bird race. The race comes in a wide range of colors, from bright reds to dull browns. They have wings but they are purely aesthetic. The Aviskree have been around for about 25 years, and work for many companies, but mainly Nanotrasen.


Please note that the Aviskree wings can not fly due to evolution. They can however, glide, but there's no use in gliding when you're in a space station...
  • can be anywhere from 7 to 10 feet tall.
  • Have talons for feet/hands.
  • have wings that go as so (their wingspan is twice their height, from one end to another):
  • have sexual dimorphism in two ways:
    1. The males are brightly colored. Very rarely there is a white male Aviskree, and there are no darker color Aviskree males.
    2. The females are more of a darker color,but in rare cases can be brightly colored.
    3. The males have a split tail. The females have a pointed tail.
  • They have a beak. The beaks are usually the same color as the Aviskree, but can be other colors, e.g. white, yellow, etc. It is more common for the beak to be yellow, Aviskree beaks tend look like Terran bird species’ beaks, most common appearing like Hawks or Eagles, with lesser common looking like Macaws, or Ravens or Crows, with coloring also appearing like those species but this can vary, though this does not change their diet.

Discovery and the planet of the Aviskree

  • The planet of the Aviskree is called Avis. This is known as S’ranjir to Tajara.
  • The city the Aviskree were found in is called Avikaria. This is an underground city, not a surface city.
  • The surface of Avis itself is highly unstable, and is more of an ‘ice-age’ type thing. Scattered around are skeletons of Aviskree past, known as “Aviskrin,” and huge towers.
  • Before Avis and Ahdomai became a Binary Planet system, Avis was a dense jungle planet, with very large trees creating a massive blanket of green, with a very dangerous jungle floor, eventually, Aviskrin built towers in the areas not covered by trees to allow colonization on those areas.
  • The Aviskree were found in 2534. This means only 25 years ago they were found. A small group of Aviskree were taught the ways of the human culture for 5 years. Please reflect on this, you were NOT born on a colony not on Avikaria in 2512, you were NOT born in 2014 on Earth. If you did not know that the year is 2559, please re-read the Baystation 12 lore. Let this be a reminder to you, lest the people in OOC make fun of you.
  • There are human colonies on the surface of Avis. Read the lore to find out more of this, you lazy butt.
  • Due to their short time after being discovered, not all Aviskree know how to speak Galactic Common properly.
    • Younger Aviskree (18 - 25ish) are more likely to know Galactic Common well.
    • Older Aviskree (35 - 50ish) are less likely to know Galactic Common as much.
  • Most Aviskree or even other scientists don’t know this, but their lungs are built for surviving in the methane environment of Avis/S’ranjir. The Aviskree will be a bit nauseous at first upon introduction to the atmospheric environment on the surface, but will quickly become used to it as their lungs start to adapt to the methane itself. But because most people don’t know this, some are panicking, and are making attempts to move out of Avikaria/Avis/S’ranjir.
  • Due to the biology of their lungs and beak, Aviskree cannot smoke, they can barely hold a cigarette in their mouth, let alone talk with one, their lungs also cannot handle the smoke due to the adaptations to Avis' atmosphere along with the way avian species breathe.

Aviskree Community and Language

  • Aviachirp is a complex language comprised of chirping and whistling noises. As the description in your “Check known languages” window, it is a beautiful language that reminds even the most simplest of men of the chirps of birds long past. Take note of this and use longer words if possible, yes.
  • Their religion is as follows: Avikan.
    • This religion is based on a messenger, otherwise known as ‘Avik’. This messenger sends the dead spirits of Aviskree to a heaven known as Avia.
    • Avikan is not a religion worshipped extremely. It is more of something to fall back on if you need something to believe on or hope on. In fact, most Aviskree don’t really know about Avikan. This is because Aviskree are told of this religion or hear of it when they are a youngling, so it is more of a laidback religion.
    • Avikan is not a religion to ‘show off’ to other people. You can tell people that you follow it, and explain it, but please don’t be shoving it into people’s faces. In fact, a wording from Avik is as stated: “Be humble to others, and be true to yourself, and your wings will take flight to the heaven of Avis.”
    • Avik was the first Shikavi, who had found technology that had been uncovered by the gravitational change brought about by Ahdomai catching in Avis’ pull, and, over time, became deified by the other Aviskree due to the technology allowing him to somehow fly.
  • Aviskree government is based on a leader-type system. There is a council of There is a council of thirteen Aviskree made up of six Veteran Kioalo and six Kaioko, with a thirteenth member elected by the other twelve to be a mediator, they guide actions of the Kioalo and the civilians, and choose what the Kaioko are to preserve
  • Kioalo are basically the workers of the Aviskree. They usually hunt and ward off Kiakeo (Crazy Aviskree that do not know the difference between food and Aviskree themselves), and in their free time, farm, do other things, keep the peace, etc.
  • Kaioko are the scholars of the Aviskree, and are far less common than Kioalo or ordinary civilians, they are tasked with preserving knowledge from both before the collision event, and of the previous generations.


  • The two main animals that the Aviskree find in the caves of Avis are mostly used for food and clothing.
    • Ha’wae is a emu-like thing, except with one eye. They live in groups, and are easy to kill due to the fact that they have no sense of perspective. They taste of chicken.
    • Ga’wae are like buffalo. They have fluffy skin that is used in articles such as blankets, jackets, shirts, etc.

You can also tan the skin in order to make it like some sort of leather-like material.

  • There are actually a very, very rare animal in the caves of Avikaria called an Atoc. These ‘Atocs’ are similar to baby chicken, and are actually the cousin of the Aviskree themselves. Usually these are kept as pets due to the similarities, and how smart they are.
  • Kiakeo are once again, crazy Aviskree. They still exist to this day, breeding in the dark caves of Avis, killing any wanderers that pass by. In 2558, of course, there are signs that say not to cross, and actual ‘border-like’ systems that block off caves known to have Kiakeo.
  • Shikavi are ‘surface soldiers’, soldiers that went to the surface because they were sent by the elders of Avikaria. Many times they usually did not come back alive. These were usually male. ((As another note, this can be used as a ‘special beginning’ to your Aviskree character.))
  • Marriage rituals are basically when two Aviskree decide that they enjoy the company of one another. Once a pair is married, they are officially ‘mates’ and can breed to produce offspring.
    • Marriage starts with the male giving a multitude of gifts.
    • In the end, both Aviskree give their mate a necklace medallion-type thing with their mate’s name on it. Usually these medallions are made of silver.
    • It is a very, very extreme taboo to mate with an Aviskree you are not married to.
    • It is almost execution-worthy to mate with another Aviskree’s mate.
  • Family to Aviskree is fairly loose outside of mates and direct children, with very close friends very commonly deemed aunts or uncles to recently hatched children.
  • Aviskree, being avian in biology, lack the receptors to feel heat from Capsaicin, This is WIP coding-wise.
  • Most look down on unnecessary violence due to it making them seem close to Kiakeo, feral cannibalistic Aviskree from the Avis tunnels, firmly believing that violence should only be used to ensure one's life, be it their own or that of a friend
  • Aviskree are generally bound to honor and their way of life, many Aviskree rituals are performed, such as the mating ritual and, if believers of Avik, keeping Avik's statue in various parts of houses.
  • Aviskree also tend to look down on those who blatantly shun tradition, such as the dying of feathers, which is seen as an insult to those of the color they dyed to, to the Aviskree's family, and to their own body.

Current Aviskree

  • Most Aviskree now in the year 2558 have taken a human-like name. Some Aviskree however have kept their tribal-like name. Old Aviskree names are like so:
    • Ji’wika’di, Nian’dali Va’salikini
    • New Aviskree names are more humanlike, and for some odd reason may or may not contain common bird onomatopoeia
  • Aviskree have been learning in many fields of education. Thus, they are capable of doing many non-head of staff jobs. They can also do head of staff jobs of they are qualified.
  • Their normal height (8 feet) is a very uncomfortable position to be in. The usual height of a Space station is about 11-12 feet, so they are very close to the ceiling.
  • Even though their wings do not work as much, they still have involuntary wing movements. This annoys others.
  • Most Aviskree that work on Space Stations have an understanding of basic Sol Common. They cannot speak it as well, but they do understand.
  • Aviskree enjoy talking in their native language. However, they talk it more quietly due to the fact that their language is chirps and whistles, and they know that it would either wake others up, or annoy them.

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