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Civilian Staff
Bartender Access: Bar
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Serve drinks to the crew, Shoot the clown with your shotgun, protect your monkey from the chef

Aloha Si Bartender[edit]

Welcome to the guide of being a Bartender! Here you will learn how to get people drunk! It's great! Remember, your job is to serve drinks, not act as the bouncer of the wooden palace you own. Your job is to serve drinks, and possibly food if the bartender and chef work together so you may make it into a restaurant.


As a bartender, you are set with a list of equipment for your needs.

  • Shotgun: Used to rid of moronic crew in your bar.
  • Shaker: A 100 unit beaker used for storing reagents.
  • Booze-O-Mat: Your small, booze dispenser, gives you most drinks. Can be hacked with a Multi-Tool.
  • Formal Closet: Contains your clothing for apparel.
  • Beer Locker: Contains a shit load of Space Beer.
  • Drink Showcase/Freezer: Used to display and store drinks. Does not work for bottled drinks.
  • Booze Dispenser: Your freezer for bottled drinks. Does not act as storage.
  • Pun Pun: The bar pet. Tie him to a chair and watch his wave his tail.


Traitoring as a barkeeper can be fairly easy, as you have your fancy gun, and can easily poison people's drinks if you have a friend in chemistry. Problem is, you have to wait for your target to come to the bar if you want to poison them, and you've got little to no access. It also doesn't help your beanbag shotgun is obvious, and will get you lynched if you're seen shooting people with it.