Being the Antagonist

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You're probably here because somebody linked you this wiki article, right? RIGHT! Here are a few, short guidelines on how to be the antagonist in order to let the crew, and you have a great time!

General guidelines for the Antagonist

Following these will probably not get you banned.

  • Don't murder literally everybody, unless it's your target. It's against the rules.
  • Do your objective. You aren't going to get anywhere if you aren't doing your objective.
  • Be very stealthy. In conjunction with the opposite of this article, you may be caught and subjected to MANY scientific experiments (probing, anybody?) if you are found. Sometimes, you could be murdered.
  • If you have to kill anybody, roleplay with them a bit first, whether it be a simple few last words to them, or a full-out hostage situation where you torture the man by inserting tiny needles into their eyeballs, while slowly cutting open their abdomen. (yes that is allowed)
  • Have fun!


  • Make sure, that when you're caught, that you have a good reason of why you joined the Syndicate.
  • Feel free to cause a tiny bit of chaos. Don't just kill everybody or make a huge bomb (both against the rules), but instead, you could install a power-sink, or break a few doors with the cryptographic sequencer.
  • Don't leave that PDA open. ((Author's note, i'm speaking this from experience. I've seen too many traitors get executed because of that one mistake.))


  • Don't use your stings on random people. For one, this pisses them off and may earn you a warning. Two, it'll get you singled out if you're the only one not affected.
  • If you're caught being the dirty Changeling (e.g. sucking the fluids out of inferior species using your neat probiscis), if they're not going to instantly move you to execution or the incinerator, and instead attempt to study you, try to roleplay with them.
  • On this server, paralysis sting was changed from 2 points to 8 points. Be creative with how you stun your next meal.


RP-Revolution (game-mode)

  • Do not use the "join us or die!" strategy. It's murder for the literal sake of murder. On a plus, don't convert people you can't trust.
  • Try to think of a reason why you're going to be a revolutionary, not just being a revolutionary because "today i want to kill somebody". Be creative.
  • Try to convert the heads first. If that doesn't work, torture them until they do. If that doesn't work, kill them. This doesn't apply to the HoS or Captain.

Revolution (the one with flashes)

  • This version of revolution is infamous for having no roleplay. Usually it's never picked, but those two lines are literally the only thing that happens.
  • But try to make the best of it.


  • Don't just convert random people off the street. Roleplay with them first.
  • Hide your runes. Otherwise you may be discovered.


  • Don't murderbone. It's why we don't have disintegrate anymore. Of course you're someone with immense power who shouldn't feel the need to go out of someone's way.
  • Try to brandish your spells in a good manner. For example, rather then just casting them, do a small me preparing it or something.


  • RP with your host. You need him and he might not want you.
  • Don't spit out offspring in the public. Not only is it gross, it'll also mean something's very wrong.
  • Don't spam random chemicals into people. Overdosing is still possible.
  • You don't murder potential hosts. You restrain them at most.


  • Don't murderbone. Everyone that is a potential host should be given a face full of alien wing-wong
  • Follow your queen, not only is she pretty but she's also main thing you should be defending.
  • If you get caught and captured (instead of outright killed), RP properly.