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Nanotrasen Staff
Access: Blueshield Office, Bridge, Teleporter, EVA, Telecomms, Additional Access
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Space Law, CentComm, Heads, Your SoP
Duties: Guard the Heads, Guard the important shit. Patrol then get told you can't, reference your SoP like a smart ass Get fired after.
Guides: Space Law, Standard Operating Procedure, Guide to Security, Blueshield SoP
Blueshield's Office, located - Bottom Right Bridge

The Blueshield is the guy you call to guard your ass when shit hits the fan, Generally seen drunk in the bar. They also guard the important areas of the station and must follow Space Law.

This shield isn't blue![edit]

At round start, you start off in your lovely office, containing everything you need for the rough time you have up a head.

  • Security Locker: This is a must-have for anyone working at security.
  • Shotgun: With plenty of shells, should work excellently when dealing with criminals. The gun needs to be cocked between each shot tough (PAGE DOWN triggers your current hand-held object, which allows you to cock it easily).
  • Armor: A fancy piece of hand-crated armor to suit your needs! It's actually better then the Protective vest!
  • Crew Monitoring Computer: To find lost heads.
  • Vodka: To get wasted when you have nothing to do.
  • Code Blue Armory: Houses riot armor, a barricade, and a portable flasher For when those asshole assistants won't stop knocking on your window

Start by loading up your gun as it tends to start with one shell missing...Best bet to do is to load a flash-bang in your webbing followed by as many spare shells as it can hold, never know when you need to pump someone full-o-beanbags. Put 4 in your backpack for good measure, everything else onto your security belt. Tuck that shotgun under your armor and you're ready to hit the town.

I'm Blue![edit]

The Blueshield usually needs to be armed to the teeth when guarding a head or their designated areas, because if they die or get broken into because of your failure, you're going to the brig for it (in the best case scenario). That doesn't mean you have to cock and aim the gun at anyone getting remotely close to a head or the door to the bridge, it isn't however bad if you are wary from time to time, who knows what crazy assistant can storm to him any moment?

Usually from round start, people won't be needing you, so you're best off patrolling the station and checking up on your designated areas, it wouldn't hurt to get your ID out-fitted with that additional access either.

In the event that a head get's injured or killed, it is recommended that he is to be brought to the med-bay immediately, regardless if you have medical supplies or not, as you don't want them limping about in pain. Furthermore, you might be arrested for Failure to Execute an order with serious consequences, should the HoS think that you could have prevented it, of course you could always go to IAA when he blames you for even more.

Shield Bash.[edit]

Blueshield traitor no longer exists normally, but they are subject to other antag roles Starting the round with a loyalty implant implant that is supposed to work is generally very beneficial regardless of the antag role. People, namely the heads of staff, will trust you more. Giving you the perfect time for a quick absorb or some blud. If you got your additional access like anyone with common sense you are an excellent addition to a revolution or a cult round as well, seeing as you can pass out weapons with armory access like candy.