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The Law[edit]

These are the Corporate Regulations. All staff including the Captain are expected and required to follow these. Failure to do so can result in anything from brig time to termination depending on the offense. On-board each NanoTrasen facility there will be a brig and designated security forces, the on-board security forces are expected and required to up-hold these regulations should you break them. You will be punished accordingly to the regulation you are in offense of. Bail will be denied for any charges under 15 minutes. The Captain nor anyone on-board the station is able to give pardons, should they attempt to do so they will be in breach of Exceeding Official Powers and be subject to brig time themselves. Only a NanoTrasen official is able to give pardons for any crimes. In the case of High Crimes, only the Sol Government is able to give pardons.

Interpretation of the Regulations[edit]

Everyone on the station should have good knowledge of the Corporate Regulations. Following them could mean the difference between a peaceful work day or spending half the shift in the brig. The Warden, Captain, Head of Personnel, and Head of Security are expected and in most cases required to have a in-depth knowledge of the Regulations. Regardless of the crime, the suspects intent is important. For example, you cannot charge the suspect with both 'Assault' and 'Attempted Murder' from the same crime, as the intent is different. The general idea is that depending on the severity you should go with the crime that best matches the description of what occurred.

In the case of violent crimes I.E Murder, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder and Murder, and theft I.E Pickpocketing, Petty theft, and High Value. Only take the most severe.

A single incident has a single sentence, so if someone took 3 items off a person, that is a single case of pickpocketing. If they take 3 items off of multiple people, that is two cases and etc.

Keep in mind that criminals who have caused major mayhem have probably committed multiple crimes. Add the time for each case together.

Aiding and abetting a criminal makes you an accomplice. You can and most likely will be charged with the same crimes as them.

As an arresting officer follow Standard Security Procedure to ensure you do not break the Regulations while arresting a criminal yourself.

Some crimes may have a fine tied to them. In this case the criminal may pay bail in order to be released instead of serving brig time. Bail is to be denied for sentences under 15 minutes. Fines are to be paid VIA EFTPOS Scanner. Your relevant HoS will have to set one up for you, setting one up for the funds to go to your own account is stealing from NanoTransen and will lead to brig time.

NanoTransen Security Mandate[edit]

As a business with practicing licenses issued by the Sol Government, NanoTransen is also required to report all Sol High crimes to the appropriate authorities, as well as hold any criminals of Sol High crimes in permanent holding until transfer to the Sol Government. On a NanoTransen facility this would occur at the local Central Command. Any Sol Government crimes will be flagged with a C suffix, Sol High Crimes will be flagged with a HC.

Sol Government has also required sufficient paperwork be prepared and faxed to them on any criminals found committing Sol Government Crimes, Indicating the crimes with either the C or HC suffix and listing them all down from least to most severe.


If you can't find the incident listed here you can set up a tribunal. See Legal Standard Operating Procedure.

Tribunals should be held in the place of hearings or trials, see Legal Standard Operating Procedure. Trials by jury or 'regular trials' usually end badly, they are not recommended.

Do NOT demand a tribunal for cases less than 10 minutes, you will just be laughed at.

The time you spent arresting and questioning the criminal is not to be taken into account of their brig time. The time listed is time spent staring at the brig walls while in a cell.

The Regulations[edit]

Minor Crimes[edit]

These infractions carry standard punishments of up to 20 minutes, though most carry 10-15. 'Suggested Sentence' values are beside the incidents. 'Additional Penalties' can be decided by authorization of Captain, Head of Security, or equivalent, and do not require tribunals.

No. Incident Description Notes Suggested Sentence Additional Penalties Fine/Bail
i101 Trespassing To be in an area which a person does not have access to. Remember that people can sneak in, break in, or be let in. Ensure they weren't let in by someone to do a job or given access on their ID. Severity is increased if thy refuse to leave peacefully or attempt to use important equipment there. 3 Minutes Up to 10 minutes. 200 Thaler
i102 Petty Theft To take items you do not have access to, or that belong to the station as a whole. Keeping items which are in short supply I.E Hard-suits, medical equipment. A doctor that stole all the medkits and hid them still committed theft, regardless of access. 3 minutes and returning items to their department. Up to 10 minutes. Demotion 150 Thaler
i103(C) Minor Assault To use or threaten physical force against someone, without intent to kill or seriously injure I.E They have to be taken to med-bay. If it causes minor damage and is easily treatable, it counts as minor assault. Unless you actually have to be taken to med-bay, it is still minor assault. 4 minutes Up to 10 minutes. Demotion 400 Thaler
i104(C) Battery To have unwanted physical contact with someone, even if it is not violent. Bumping into someone generally doesn't count. Repeatedly doing it after being asked to stop or repeatedly touching them, does. It should also be noted that a clown slipping you once is generally not to be chased down and arrested, that is their job. Repeatedly slipping you over and over, however, should warrant brig time. 2 minutes Up to 8 minutes. 200 Thaler
i105 Indecent Exposure To be intentionally and publicly nude. Running around the station naked or in underwear is the issue here. Being naked for a few minutes while changed outfits does not. 5 Minutes Up to 8 minutes. Demotion 100 Credits
i106 Hooliganism Running around the station screaming at the top of your lungs, tossing objects repeatedly at people, etc. Running around the station and shouting for no reason, tossing objects at people, and harassing people while drunk falls under hooliganism. The clown squirting you with it's water flower, does not. 3 minutes Up to 8 minutes. Demotion 120 Thaler
i107 Suspicious Conduct To possess a suspiciously wide skill set not indicated in employment record, wielding dangerous weapons near other staff, etc. This is not to be confused with harassment. Basically, meta-gamey/power-gamey behavior. It's worth reporting to the Head of Personnel or your Head of Staff if you want to play a character who knows more than they should. You may also want to adminhelp if you feel the person is using meta-gamey or power-gamey behavior. 2 minutes. Immediate search. Forced Psychiatric examination. Tracking Implant. 200 Thaler. Immediate search
i108 Harassment Repeatedly shouting into the face of another co-worker, PDA'ing them non-stop, stalking them around the station. The severity of what they are doing should be taken into account here when applying a charge. Shouting at co-workers unless it is in-coherent gibberish should not be met with a psych evaluation. Stalking them around the station for no reason, should. Note: The blueshield following a head of staff around is not to be considered stalking, that is their job. 5 minutes Up to 10 minutes. Communications injunction. Forced Psychiatric evaluation. 200 Thaler
i109 Misuse of Public Communications. To continually broadcast unimportant, untrue, or insignificant messages on the public frequency. This is only for people who continually jam the channel. Such as Chaplains conducting their sermons over the public intercoms, or the Librarian reading over comms. Or screaming fake messages such as "Halp security is beating me" when they aren't. 3 minutes Forced Psychiatric evaluation. Communications ban/injunction. 150 Thaler
i110 Misuse of Communications The act of clogging up important channels such as Security or Command with pointless communications. This is for people who decide to carry out in-depth and irrelevant conversations on the Command or Security frequencies. The Captain screaming he is being murdered in his office, unless it is not true, does not count here. 5 Minutes. Up to 10 minutes. 250 Thaler
i111 Violation of an Injunction. To violate the terms of an Injunction made by security. Injunctions can be filed on lots of things. Such as a ban on weapons carrying or communications.This can be applied by the Captain, Head of Security, Or equivalent. If they break the law in some other way, apply that sentence as well. 5 Minutes Up to 10 Minutes 100 Thaler
i112 Insulting an Officer on Duty To directly insult a Head of Staff or member of security with no valid complaints. This is most likely to happen when someone is being fired or brigged for valid charges. This is mostly when they are being very vocal I.E continually cussing you out. Being continually rude to your superiors also counts if they complain. An example of a valid complaint would be the prisoner have being beaten with a baton or abused during arrest or brig time. 5 minutes Up to 15 Minutes. Demotion 250 Thaler
i113 Slander To spread false rumors in order to damage someones reputation. Lying about something someone did to make them look bad. I.E A surgeon not properly conducting surgery, when in truth they did. Stating something that is true, however, does not apply here. - Up to 5 minutes 50 credits per minute.
i114 Failure to Execute an Order. To ignore or dis-regard a superiors orders. If the order is stupid or causes you to break a law I.E the Captain ordering you to be his meatshield or to release the singularity, can be ignored out-right, and most likely a charge of Exceeding Official Powers can be applied. If it's entirely logical, within your job, and lawful, such as the Captain ordering you to arrest an assistant trying to break into a bridge you are expected to follow it. 5 minutes Up to 15 minutes 500 Thaler
i115 Sexual Harassment To make unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks to another employee. This is for very minor things the other person finds offensive that are sexually related. For more severe instances see "Sexual Assault". 5 Minutes. Up to 15 minutes. Demotion. N/A
i116 Animal Cruelty To inflict unnecessary pain or suffering upon animals with malicious intent. Monkeys appropriately being used for experiments I.E Xenobiology and Virology or food don't count. Beating Pun Pun over the head with a rolling pin, however, does. 5 minutes Up to 15 minutes. Forced Psychiatric evaluation. N/A
i117 Abuse of Corporate Mascots. Inflicting unnecessary pain or suffering upon corporate mascots with malicious intent. Tossing Ian into the washing machine, turning Mittens into a fur hat, and making Pun Pun the new delicacy on the menu counts here. Accidentally hitting Ian with a pen or paper, does not. 10 minutes Up to 15 minutes. Demotion 500 Thaler
i118 Failing to Follow Standard Security Procedure. Failing to adhere to the Standard Security Procedure during an arrest or not properly enforcing the regulations. Failing to state someones charges during arrest or failing to request they surrender peacefully. Failing to arrest someone because they're your buddy or some such also falls under this. 10 minutes Up to 20 Minutes. Demotion -
i119 Vandalism To deliberately damage or deface the station without malicious intent. The severity of the incident is to be taken into affect when gauging the brig time. The clown drawing on the floor shouldn't get the maximum charge, an assistant breaking every window and light in sight should. 5 minutes. Up to 10 minutes. 450 Thaler
i120(C) Threat of Murder or Serious Injury To threaten to kill or seriously injure an employee. The threat has to be somewhat believable to count. If it's just people arguing over the radio, it probably isn't valid. Someone shouting at someone while running after them would a crowbar probably is. 2 minutes. Tracking implant. Up to 10 minutes. Psychiatric evaluation. 500 Thaler. Tracking implant.
i121(C) Disrespect to the Dead To abuse the bodies of previously dead or dead employees. Examples are: The chef using them in food, security beating a dead prisoner, the clown displaying them as a trophy in their office. Preventing someone from being cloned or borged also falls under this. 5 minutes Up to 10 minutes 400 Thaler
i122 Excessive Use of Force in Detainment To use more force than required to sub-due a criminal. Repeatedly batoning a prisoner after they are handcuffed, repeatedly flashing someone that is on the ground. Usage of lethal weapons in a non-lethal situation. Chasing down a peaceful and compliant suspect. 5 minutes Up to 20 minutes. Demotion. 350 Thaler
i123 Loitering Standing in high traffic and important areas such as Security and Med-bay for no reason. An officer standing in the brig while waiting to transfer a prisoner to their cell does not count here. Nor does a injured person waiting to be admitted into med-bay. An officer talking to a friend in the middle of the lobby or someone standing in med-bay just to be standing there, does. 5 minutes Up to 10 minutes 120 Thaler
i124 Littering The act of tossing trash on the ground. This applies when someone tosses any object deem-able as trash and/or useless on the ground instead of using the disposal bins. This does not apply to someone dropping something on the ground for people to look at. 5 minutes Up to 10 minutes. 300 Thaler
i125 Impersonating an Officer. A civilian or other staff pretending to be security. This applies to when non-security staff act as Security. They most likely have committed other crimes such as "Illegal Detainment" as well, so be sure to apply that charge as well in this case. 10 Minutes Up to 20 minutes. Demotion. 500 Thaler
i126 Obstructing the Law Actively trying to stop any security proceedings. This applies when someone is actively interfering with arrest or constantly nagging a Detective or Forensic Technician when they are conducting an investigation severity should be taken into consideration. Should they be actively aiding a criminal instead, charge them with the same charges of the criminal. 5 minutes Up to 15 minutes. Demotion. 400 Thaler.
i127 Forgery Forging any current crews' or a NanoTransen Officials signature. The act of forging anyone signature, regardless of what it is for. The severity should be taken into account. Forging the Captains signature for authorization to obtain and openly display a combat shotgun from cargo would carry the most severe, forging the clowns signature for something petty such as a insult note should not. 3 minutes. Up to 20 minutes. 400 Thaler
i128 Libel The act of written slander. Libel would refer to the act of slandering someone I.E writing un-true facts to damage someones reputation rather than openly stating them on comms. Again, if it is truthful, it is not Libel nor Slander. 5 minutes. Up to 15 Minutes 300 Thaler
i129 Bribery The act of attempting to or successfully bribing or accepting a bribe from or to a crew member. An example would be the Captain or Head of Security taking a bribe in return for special favors such as all access or to be released from prison. An example would also be said crew member attempting to bribe them. This would also count if someone was attempting to bribe med-bay for drugs. 5 minutes Up to 15 minutes. Demotion. 300 Thaler

Medium Crimes[edit]

These Infractions carry standard punishments of up to 30 minutes, though typically around 10-15 minutes, and can be set with an officer's discretion. 'Suggested Sentence' values are beside the Infractions. 'Additional Penalties' can be decided by authorization of Captain, Head of Security, or equivalent, and do not require tribunals.

No. Incident Description Notes Suggested Sentence Additional Penalties
i201 Failure to Execute an Order with Serious Consequences. To ignore or dis-regard a superiors valid orders which in turn causes severe damage to property or life. Like the minor version of this crime, except it has caused serious damage to the station or personnel. Examples would be a Medical Doctor ignoring the Chief Medical Officers orders during a crisis, or an Engineer ignoring the Chief Engineers directions when setting up the Supermatter and having it explode soon after. 15 minutes Holding until transfer. Demotion.
i202 Failure to Follow Standard Security Procedure with Serious Consequences. To ignore Standard Security Procedure which causes severe damage to property or life. Like the minor version of this crime, except this has actually caused severe damage to the station or to someones person when it could have easily been avoided. Examples include not securing the scene of a murder, causing lethal harm directly or in-directly to innocent bystanders, severely injuring a criminal during detainment when it wasn't needed. 20 minutes Termination of contract. Holding until transfer.
i203 Resisting Arrest The act of Resisting Lawful detainment. Refusing handcuffs is not resisting arrest. Shoving down the officer trying to arrest you or running away, is. 10 minutes Up to 15 minutes.
i204 Sparking a Man-Hunt The act of hiding from security after evading arrest. Running and hiding from security after successfully evading arrest falls under this. Running to and visibly hiding in a locker during arrest, does not. 15 Minutes Up to 25 Minutes
i205 Suicide Attempt To threaten or attempt to commit suicide. An employee threatening or trying to kill them-self. This includes but is not limited to "AI OPEN THIS DOOR OR I KILL MYSELF!" Forced psychiatric examination. Demotion. Holding in solitary.
i206 Abuse of Confiscated Equipment. To take and use confiscated equipment. Security should only use evidence as evidence. 10 minutes, re-confiscation of the equipment. Demotion
i207(C) Illegal detention, Arrest, or Holding. To Arrest, Brig, Detain, or punish an employee without valid cause or reason. This mostly applies to crew that believe they are security when they are not, and security officers arresting people for things not in the regulations. 15 minutes Demotion
i208 Neglect of Duty To fail to perform a job to a satisfactory standard. This can be to a honest or dis-honest mistake. For example, a Medical Doctor giving a patient the wrong medication and causing harm to the patient, or the Chief Engineer allowing the singularity to escape. 10 minutes Demotion
i209 Infiltration To attempt to, or successfully enter, a high security area. Areas include but are not limited to: The Bridge, AI core, and EVA. Using AI or cyborg assistance for entry is considered breaking and entering I.E trespassing. 15 minutes Holding until transfer
i210(C) Assault To cause severe injury to another employee. Anything beyond a few punches like in "Minor Assault". Sentence should be adjusted depending on severity, "Attempted Murder" should be used if the intent was to kill. This also includes poisoning with drugs. 20 Minutes Up to 40 minutes. Demotion
i211 Attempting to Escape From Confinement. Any attempt at escaping the brig. Breaking windows and etc. in an attempt to escape from the brig. Should the attempt be successful, See "Escaping From Confinement." 10 Minutes Up to 30 Minutes. Demotion
i212 Escaping from Containment To escape from the brig. The same as "Attempting to Escape From Confinement", Only successful. See "Escaping From a Life Sentence" if it is a life sentence. 15 Minutes Up to 35 Minutes. Demotion.
i213 Unlawful Modification of AI/Cyborg Laws. To modify the laws of a cyborg or artificial intelligence, without need, proper access, or authority. An exception would be a law reset when obviously harmful laws have been uploaded. Only the Captain, Chief Engineer, or Two Heads of Staff can authorize a law change. 20 minutes Demotion. Holding until transfer.
i214 Sedition To incite rebellion or rally against the Chain of Command This includes attempting to make separate areas of the ship into a 'country' or generally conspiring against the Chain of Command. 15 minutes. Holding until transfer. Demotion
i215(C) Contraband To possess, use, or distribute contraband items, including drugs. Chemists, Scientists, and Botanists are allowed to possess drugs for their line of work. It is however a crime should they distribute it freely to crew or use it on themselves. Contraband from the supply shuttle counts. This also includes firearms, such as the barman taking his shotgun outside of the bar or modifying it in anyway. Sol Government paperwork only needs to be filed for illegal firearms. 15 minutes, Confiscation of said items. Up to 20 minutes. Demotion.
i216 Sabotage To hinder the efforts of the crew or station with malicious intent. This includes causing hull breaches, stealing important equipment, etc. The intent is probably the most important thing. 20 minutes. Demotion. Up to 40 minutes.
i217 Exceeding Official Powers To act beyond what is allowed by the Chain of Command. This is for any head of staff that abuses their power, such as the HoP acting as security in a non-emergency the Captain acting like he is above the law/issuing pardons, Etc. This also covers anyone illegally promoting themselves. 15 minutes. Demotion. Up to 30 minutes.
i218(C) Grand Theft To steal items that are dangerous, of high value, or of sensitive nature. This means firearms, explosives, ammunition, high risk items, the Captains ID, etc. 15 minutes. Confiscation of stolen items. Demotion. Holding until transfer
i219 Attempting to Organize a Break-Out To attempt to free criminals from the brig. This includes both the in-mates co-operating to escape, and people from the outside helping them as well. If the Break-Out is successful see "Organizing a Break-Out" 15 minutes. Up to 30 minutes.
i220 Organizing a Break-Out The same thing as "Attempting to Organize a Break-Out" only successful. The same thing as it's predecessor, this time the Break-Out being successful. 30 minutes. Up to 45 minutes.
i221 Illegal Blocking of Areas To make an area inaccessible for those with appropriate access. Bolting doors in public hallways or walling off important sections of the station falls under this. 10 minutes 25 minutes. Demotion
i222(C) Severe Use of Excessive Force. To put someone in a state of near-death while defending yourself or others, this also applies to an officer severely injuring someone while trying to detain them. Severely injuring someone attacking you or others with no obvious threat to life. Panicking and shooting someone with lethals also falls under this. 10 minutes. Up to 30 minutes. Demotion
i223(C) Mistreatment of Prisoners. To intentionally act or cause an act that puts a non-hostile prisoners life in danger. Preventing them from getting medical, abusing them, or preventing them from having access to a viable means of communication. In the case that the prisoner dies, the charge is to be upped to manslaughter or murder depending on intent. 10 minutes Up to 30 minutes. Demotion.
i224 Embezzlement Stealing funds from station accounts. Stealing funds from the station accounts regardless of being a Head of Staff falls under this. Stealing the fine money from fines on the Corporate Regulations also counts. 20 Minutes. Up to 40 minutes. Demotion.

Major Crimes[edit]

These Infractions generally need to be ruled on by a tribunal as in Legal Standard Operating Procedure, and criminals should be held until judgement can be passed.

No. Incident Description Notes Suggested Sentence Additional Penalties
i301(HC) Murder To kill someone, or attempt to kill someone, with premeditated and malicious intent. Also covers Attempted Murder. The premeditated and malicious portion is what is important here, and what separates this from "Manslaughter". Holding until Judgement Holding until Sol Gov. transfer or cyborgification at prisoner discretion.
i302(C) Manslaughter To kill someone without malice or forethought. This includes causing death due to negligence or dereliction of duty. It can also be used for excessive use of self defense. 20 Minutes. 30 Minutes.
i303(HC) Mutiny To openly rebel against or attempt to remove the Chain of Command with violent intent See "Sedition" for less violent mutineers. Loyalty implant. Holding until judgement. Holding until transfer or cyborgification at prisoner discretion.
i304(C/HC) Kidnapping and Hostage Taking To take away or transport a person against their will If the person is held for ransom or exchange, it is hostage taking and should immediately result in holding until Sol Gov. Transfer. Otherwise it is kidnapping. 30 minutes Holding until transfer.
i305(HC) Terrorist Acts To engage in maliciously destructive actions, which seriously threaten the crew or station. This includes deliberate arson, use of bombs, release of singularity, etc. Holding until judgement. Holding until Sol Gov. transfer or cyborgification and prisoner discretion.
i306(C) Assaulting a Head of Staff. To cause severe damage to a Head of Staff. The exact same as "Assault" except this is a Head of Staff. 20 Minutes Up to 40 minutes. Termination of contract.
i307(HC) Escaping From a Life Sentence/Holding Until Transfer. To Escape or Attempt to escape from the brig while serving a life sentence. They have to have been properly convicted for this to count - Cyborgification.
i308(HC) Terrorist Collaboration. To act as an agent of a terrorist or anti-Corporation group. Espionage, disclosure of corporate secrets, or any other assistance rendered to outside hostile organizations, or their representatives in hostile activities to the Corporation, committed by a employee of Corporation. As a high crime, suspected terrorist agents must be put through a tribunal unless their level of resistance renders capture efforts infeasible. Holding until judgement Holding until Sol Gov. transfer or cyborgification at prisoner discretion.
i309(HC) Sexual Assault To assault, or attempt to assault, someone else sexually, including rape. ERP scenes, or erotic roleplay, is a permabannable offence. Adminhelp it if this happens to you; it's against server rules, not just station rules. 30 minutes, tracking implant. Holding until Sol Gov. transfer or cyborgification at prisoner discretion.

Modifiers and Special Situations[edit]

Situation Description Benefit
Surrender Coming to the brig, confessing what you have done, and accepting the punishment counts as surrender. Getting arrested without putting up a fuss is not surrender. You have to actually come to the brig yourself. Up to -25%, and should be taken into account when determining the severity of crimes.
Re-Education Getting De-converted from revolutionary Up to and including immediate release
Cooperation with prosecution or security Being helpful to the members of security, revealing things during questioning or providing names of head revolutionaries. Up to -25%. In the case of revealing a head revolutionary, up to -50%.
Immediate threat to the prisoner The singularity eats something near the brig, an explosion goes off, etc. Officer must relocate the prisoner(s) to a safe location. Otherwise, immediate release. Life sentences must be reapplied after danger has passed.
Medical reasons Prisoners are entitled to medical attention if sick or injured. Medical personnel can be called, or the prisoner can be escorted to the Medbay. The timer continues to run during this time.
Self Defense Assault and even homicide can be justified if it was necessary for prevention of loss of life. (Note that there are borders of acceptable self-defense, and killing a man who just punched you is subject to "Fatal Use of Excessive Force") Up to and including immediate release.

Commentaries and Classifications[edit]

Cyborgification The removal of a person's brain for transplanting into a Cyborg Chassis. Often also known as Shackling.

Dismissal: Changing ID title to "Dismissed", zero access.

Demotion: Can be done up to and including Assistant position, by Head of Personnel or Captain's decision.

Employee: Employee of NanoTrasen, as defined by the station's commanding officer. All non-employee subjects are not protected by these laws.

Empowering: Illegal acquiring (not via Head of Personnel or Captain) of access.

Head of Staff: Crew members occupying one of the following positions: Captain, Chief Engineer, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director.

HuT Holding until Transfer

Lethal Situation: A situation in which there is an apparent and real threat the the well-being of all those involved.

Repeat Offenders: For repeat offenders, you may double the sentences listed here.

Severe Injury: A state in which the victim is in a critical condition and is having difficulty maintaining consciousness.

Demotion and dismissal also require the removal of equipment from the previous job. E.g: Uniforms, weapons, bombs, PDA cartridges, etc.

For the purposes of Cyborg/AI laws, crew members that have been convicted, or are being held in detention, are considered to be below even the AI/Cyborgs in terms of rank.

Serving sentence in jail can be replaced with forced labor in some cases.

In cases where the final sentence is more than 60 minutes, it is changed to a life sentence.

The standard penalty can be applied without a tribunal by Security Officers.

Penalties listed here are guidelines. Tribunals can assign lesser or higher ones, depending on the circumstances.