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This article refers to the round type. For the article pertaining to the being itself, see Cortical Borer (Entity)

A cortical borer a is tiny little slug that crawls into your ear and controls your mind! It's the main antagonist in the Cortical Borer round type. The antagonist option falls under Alien candidate.

One of us![edit]


You are an alien life form previously unknown to man! You have the capability of taking control of people's minds and have them do things like handstands, congo lines, murderbone that are of particular interest to you. You also make babies!

What is a Brain slug?[edit]

So far, we really know nothing about it. The only thing that one might relate to is the Medical HUD, which can detect the presence of something living inside a body. The RD doesn't know jack shit either.

Mind control for Dummies[edit]

How do I slug?[edit]

As a slug that is capable of mind control, your primary directive is to stay alive and ensure the survival of the species (and your host), not murderbone. Killing shouldn't be done unless absolutely necessary, as it means one less potential host. Reproduction is done by taking control of the host and pressing the reproduce button, which consumes a large portion of Energy. In addition to being a slug and being capable of mind control, you can also talk to your other slug friends (when not in control) by using the ; key! You can talk to the host by simply talking how you normally would whilst inside the host.

The borers that start from round start spawn inside a random crew member).

Where do babies come from?[edit]

When you open the Borer panel, you will notice a fancy list of abilities that you can use. Most of these will expend energy, which will promptly regenerate overtime, up to a maximum of 250. Most abilities expend energy, tough some have special cool down mechanisms. Most abilities are only able to be used when inside a host, except when it states so otherwise

  • Infest: The thing that makes you what you are, use this to crawl into someone's ears. It'll take around 7 seconds before you are inside somebody's body, and there is only space for one Borer, so bad luck if your partner has the SSD guy. Can obviously only be used outside the host.
  • Detach: It let's you leave your host trough the same way you entered, after a few seconds of delay. Be wary that after you leave, they're outside your control.
  • Assume Control: Let's you fully take control of your host for an indefinite period of time. It'll lock the host out (until they resist out of it) and makes the only able to communicate with you. It allows you to do anything that a normal human can do, as well as Reproduce and Secrete chemicals (mentioned below). Beware that after long periods of time, strange things will start occurring like random wing flapping, difficulties with eye sights and eventually the ability to walk. Never be in control for long periods of time, as this is not only boring for the host, but also for you..
  • Release Control: What it says on the tin (Re-grants control to the host).
  • Torment Host: It sends an annoying message describing painful psychic attacks on your brain whilst you try to scream in agony!
  • Reproduce (100E): Let's you create another borer by gruesomely vomiting it out! It will send a message to ghosts asking if they want to be a borer, so beware that it might take time for them to start moving (so hide them somewhere safe!). Your host won't feel good about this either.
  • Secrete Chemicals (50E): Let's you inject random chemicals inside your hosts bloodstream, being either Alkysine, Tramadol, Bicardine or Hyperzine.
  • Dominate Host: Uses a psychic lance to deliver a very weak, 5 second stun. This is usually enough to get inside someone's brains tough, but it has an insanely long cool down period, so use it wisely. Can only be used outside the host.

In addition to all this, you have the ability to talk to your host. When they realize you can do all these kind of things, they will swiftly jump out of the airlock become submissive.

I hear voices![edit]

Oh no, you've been infested by a slug! What will you do?


Usually, if you are infested from round start, the only thing you know is that you hear something in your head (if the borer talks to you). If it found it's way into your body at another time this shift, you know that there is something inside of you. You can respond in any way you like, from general submission to panic (apart from seppuku). Be wary however that it decides what you do and if you don't listen, you're in trouble (especially since you don't want to have to explain that you lost control of your body and something else decided to go on a murderbone spree).

Get it out![edit]

Surgery can solve any issues known to man, they can rapidly perform surgery to get it outside of your head! Be wary however that most of the time the slug has other plans and wants to stay alive, as such it is advised that it has no way of escaping when it's on the surgery table (and when it's out of the victim). Killing the host does not kill the Borer!


Of course, if you have a logical reason to help an unknown alien life form that found it's way into your skull, you can always submit to it and keep a hold onto your consciousness! Naturally it'll ask you from time to time to vomit up disgusting little aliens and ask you to assist other borers, perhaps even abduct people for it! But it'll all be worth it in the end, right?

How To RP It![edit]

Roleplaying being controlled by a borer can be found in detail here: