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Did you know: There are certain ways you have to deal with Antagonists like Changelings, Traitors, Nuke Ops, and such? Half of the time, admins get adminhelps saying that "oh this guy is metagaming because he did x and y!" when yet, people didn't know that? Here's a guide on how to deal with antagonists.

YOUR JOB IS NOT TO STOP THE ANTAGONIST! It's against the rules as a regular crew member to stop the antagonist. Let security deal with the antagonist.

DO NOT IMMEDIATELY KILL THE ANTAGONIST. Pacify them, bring them to security, or call security themselves. If you kill the antagonist with no RP, you ruin their round, and you will get a warning.

Along with this, do not say the antag's name unless you have proof that you figured it out through in-game means. You cannot say 'cultist', 'nuclear operative', 'assimilation cyborg', 'changeling', 'traitor', etc., without proof. There's a bit of leniency on 'wizard', and 'ninja', but you shouldn't say those either.

Syndicate Traitors

  • One definite, definite link you'll need to read for this is Identifying Antagonists. The main reason why is because that most syndicate items are unknown to the general crew itself.
  • What if you find a traitor item? It's contraband, easy as that. Depending on what it is, it's a thing that somebody shouldn't have, and if they used it to harm somebody, then add the additional law (Read the link above this sentence to know what items a person should have or shouldn't have). This does not mean that they are traitors. For example, a cryptographic sequencer can be used to sabatoge the station, but it is not an item that can be identifiable with the Syndicate themselves; it's just a card with some wires sticking out.
  • What if they say they're part of the Syndicate? A. They're stupid. B. Then they're probably a part of the syndicate, and that's grounds for indefinite brigging.
  • Another thing to note that if somebody is murdering a guy, they're not part of the damn Syndicate. It's also against the rules of Unbound Travels to murder somebody with no good reason, so adminhelp it if something like that happens.
  • And yes, the Captain and HoS have limited knowledge of the Syndicate, but very limited. This means that they don't know the items of the Syndicate, or how they work, but they do know that it's a terrorist corporation against Nanotrasen. Security officers and heads of staff only know that they're a bunch of bad guys.


  • Nobody besides high-ranking research members (like the research director) or xenobiologists know what these are, and even then, they are only rumors.
  • Only if a changeling truly reveals themselves as a "changeling" and shows their true nature, then you bring them in. Do not execute them immediately. Since these are a unknown species, they should be researched, and instead, brought to Xenobiology (It's more harder to break out of xenobiology)
  • DO NOT INCINERATE A CHANGELING because this is the highest form of metagaming. As said before, bring them to Xenobiology.
  • I'll say this again, but they are an unknown species, which means that you have to research them to find out what they do.
  • If you find a Changeling husk, until you scan it, it looks like a burn victim.
  • And this too, if you didn't get it previously: Nobody but high-ranking research members or xenobiologists know what a Changeling is. Not even you, fancy ERT member, or AI/Cyborg unit who "mysteriously knows everything"

Nuclear Operatives

  • Well, they're obviously hostile non-crew members, unless their ID states they're a crew member. AI, this means you have all the jurisdiction to kill them.
  • Crew, don't just run head-on into a bunch of people with guns. Would you do this in real life? I wouldn't (because i'm not dumb).
  • Don't immediately say "OMG NUKEOP SYNDICATE SQUAD". It's obviously a bunch of terrorists, but barely anybody knows about the nukeops (besides probably the HoS and Captain through NT training, but it's only limited knowledge).
  • Nobody knows that they're going to blow up the station. One could assume, but they're mostly well-armed terrorists.

Assimilation cyborgs

  • Nobody knows what these are, not even NT. They're non-crew though, so question them about that.
  • The odd design of assimilation cyborgs, however, will get people questioning. Don't immediately arrest them because they look odd. Instead, ask them about what model of IPC they are, where they came from, if they're a special IPC, etc.
  • Until they start being immediately hostile and start to transform crew members, you do not know what they do, or what their purpose is.
  • Assimilation cyborgs, you all work as a team. Do not kill or detain your fellow team-mates. If you do this, you will get reprimanded.


  • The cult is extremely secluded, and unknown. Unless you were a failed convert (you had a loyalty implant, basically), nobody knows anything about them besides the Chaplain.
  • The Chaplain has limited knowledge of this cult, as it is only stories.
  • All runes look like stains of blood. To everybody else, it's glowing stains of blood. To the AI, it's blood on the floor that should be cleaned.
  • Cult swords and armor are contraband... Strange contraband, but still contraband. If they're used to murder anybody, add that to their charges.
  • Cult constructs are deemed peaceful until hostile. They just look like weird monsters, you should be scared of them if you're not a security officer or ERT.
  • If you see anybody chanting near a stain of blood, they're obviously crazy. Call security. If something strange and mystical and magic happens after they finish chanting, call security. Basically, if they're just chanting near a stain of blood, they're a bit crazy, and you should call security.
  • Nar'sie will devour you. Run away from it.


  • Roleplay a revolution. Don't just immediately go "hm i feel like killing the heads of staff lol". That's bad RP. Try to think of a reason why you want to join the revolution, and why you're a head revolutionary.
  • The revolution is supposed to be either peaceful or hostile. At the end of the day, either the heads are converted or killed, or the revolution is wiped out entirely.
  • If you suspect anybody is a part of this revolution, implant them with a loyalty implant, so that you know if they're loyal to Nanotrasen or not.
  • You can go say "Revolution!" if something that looks like a revolution is going on. Don't immediately scream out revolution as a non-revolutionist if nothing is going on.
  • Do not immediately go on a murderboning rampage through security and the heads of staff. Try to convert them first, then torture them if they don't. If they still refuse, kill them.


  • Don't instantly say "WIZARD!" if they're wearing wizard clothing. It could just be a guy in a costume, until they prove they actually are a wizard.
  • These should only be considered hostile if they are truly hostile. They're non-crew until the Head of Personnel or Captain puts them onto a crew manifest.
  • If the guy starts to do things that can be assumed to be "magic", you have two choices:
    1. You can believe in magic. However, this makes you look completely unprofessional and you could probably get fired.
    2. You can say that he's probably using hidden tools (Like all 20th century magicians) to do these "magic spells." This is more realistic, and will most likely not get you fired.
  • Only the Captain and HoS know about the hostilties between the Wizard Federation and Nanotrasen. They still should be considered 'friendly', so that they won't instantly go into annihilation mode.
    • However, the Chaplain believes in wizards and magic. They don't know about the Wizard Federation, they just know that they do magic and it could be considered evil in their eyes.


  • If you see a guy sucking blood out of somebody's neck, bring them to psychology or call security. They're obviously crazy as all hell.
  • Nobody knows what a vampire does. If their eyes flash, they dissipate into blood and shoot bats at your face, then obviously something's up, but do not immediately say 'VAMPIRE HELP'. Call security or send them a PDA message.
  • Vampires are a myth, until proven. People can have their doubts, but security should be serious about it and try to calm the general public by saying that the guy's just crazy.
  • Only the Chaplain knows something about them. Even then, it's still a myth.

Malfunctioning AI

  • AIs usually don't malfunction. Don't automatically assume the AI is malfunctioning.
  • If you see a blue APC, it's a broken APC. Fix it by replacing the power control board. Don't instantly go "AAAA AI IS MALF"
  • If a cyborg seems broken or it isn't following its laws, don't immediately blow it up. Instead, lock it down using the RD console, reset and recheck its laws. If it still doesn't follow its laws, cut its LawSync wire.
  • If there is no "bad AI runtime detected" announcement, and it reaches to Delta, it is not immediately a malfunctioning AI. Code Delta means that the self-destruct has been initiated, but even then, it can be disabled. The only thing is that, it doesn't disable the AI's nuke button, if it is a malfunctioning AI.
  • Don't immediately rush the AI core with thermite and laser guns and everything. It's seriously unfair.
  • If you hear buzzing/beeping coming from machines, you don't run away unless this has happened before. You either investigate it or ignore it.

Cortical Borers

  • They're slugs. They look like weird, ear-colored slugs until they climb up into a brain.
  • Cortical Borers are completely unknown to the entire crew. NOBODY knows what they are, not the AI, not the RD, not even Nanotrasen. They're just slugs that look weird, until they climb into brains.
  • Don't immediately rush the guy who has the borer in his brain to surgery to get it removed. Instead, keep him under close observation, whether this be putting him in science, having a security guard near him at all times, or just watching him through security cameras.
  • To the host, don't immediately go into panic mode. There's a slug in your brain, you don't know what it does, and what it will do. Either follow it, or hope to god that you won't die or become some sort of mobile infestation.
  • Borers, this goes to you: Don't kill your host. Your entire existance is to reproduce and survive. You'll also have to convince the host to not do anything about you, and keep him alive - this is why you can secrete chemicals that are helpful to your host.


  • Ninja are known to Nanotrasen, the Captain and HoS know about Ninja, and that they're a potential threat, unless hired by Nanotrasen. The Captain knows something about the Spider Clan, and knows that is where most ninja subside.
    • If you're a crew member, they look like fancy high-tech cyberdroid people, way more advanced than you. You have no idea what it is, or what they're here for, so try to either stay away or approach it peacefully. Don't immediately call security, but instead, send a member of security a PDA message that you saw something suspicious.
  • Nobody has any idea what the ninja can or is capable of until it shows what it is capable of.
  • If you see the ninja start to murder people, then it's obviously hostile. Crew, call security, Security, detain it at all costs.


  • Vox are also known to Nanotrasen - they are traders or raiders, peaceful or hostile.
  • Don't immediately arrest a team of peaceful Vox Raiders. In addition, not all Vox are hostile. There are currently two types of Vox on the server, antag vox (which come in groups and have objectives) and VIP vox (Which come solo to RP or trade.)
  • Try your best to RP with the raider Vox. They can't kill or harm anybody or the station anyways, because of their Inviolate. If they do, adminhelp it. They can, however, take hostages if needed.
  • If they open trade proposals, you should be ethical with them. You don't sell the nuke for a crossbow.
    • A good example: Trading something from research (Like a bag of holding) for something to research (Like something illegal).
    • A bad example: Betting the entire station to the vox over a game of cards as the Captain.
  • You cannot operate their weapons nor do you know anything about it.

Deathsquad/Elite Syndicate

  • They're top secret, both to the crew and those that collaborate with the syndicate.
  • You know that they're not here to make friends, judging from their armor and weaponry.
  • If you see one shooting at you, you fucking run. You know you're not a match against one of them, let alone multiple.
  • The ERT doesn't know about them either, they however know about their mech's and that they're for "Special Operations" and that you're sharing them with someone else.
  • AKA, You do not know jack shit about them.


  • Nobody outside of a high, high ranking NT Military officer ranking knows about these. Treat them as a first contact alien. This means, unless they're immediately hostile, set up a containment field around them so that scientists can study them.
  • Again, nobody knows about what the mysterious alien lifeforms do. Which means, you don't know what those purple weeds and weird eggs and blue sacs do. A scientist can examine it and figure out it's a phoron-based structure, but even then, nobody knows what they're used for.
  • Up until the point where they become hostile, only observe the lifeform and keep your distance. Everybody thinks they look very dangerous, but does that mean they are?
  • ERT don't know about Xenomorphs, unless a commanding NT officer who knows about it tells you about it. Only reports you get from the crew can you obtain knowledge from it.
  • Do not instantly kill the Xenomorphs. It's like a form of research. And try your best to research it.
  • Nobody knows what the facehuggers do besides the Research Director (His pet is a facehugger with its proboscis removed.) Even then, don't call it a facehugger.