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The Integrated Positronic Chassis (IPC for short) are a humanoid "race" of synthetic beings.

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  • IPCs do not have access to Binary Speak, and are also not affected by Laws, or otherwise slaved to any AI platform. This also means they do not have all-access similar to Cyborgs.
  • IPCs do not require oxygen to survive, as they don't breathe. However, when exposed to a vacuum, they will quickly overheat.
  • Because they cannot eat or drink any consumables, they have to recharge through an APC. IPCs can do so by clicking an APC with the grab intent. WIP:With the disarm intent, they can syphon some of their power off into an APC to charge it.
  • Because they lack any sort of circulatory or digestive system, IPCs cannot process anything, healing drugs or otherwise.
  • Lack of DNA means that IPC cannot be cloned or modified, genetically.
  • If you emag an IPC, they gain a law which states they must obey the directives of whoever emagged them above all else.
  • If an IPC is hit by an EMP or ion gun, they will be stunned.
  • IPCs will not heal on their own. They must repair themselves, or get repaired by somebody else.
  • IPCs are restricted from Head positions, due to their synthetic nature.
  • IPCs will overheat in vac suits but not suits with cooling.



IPCs have no clear-set naming convention, due to the fact that they are based off of free-willed positronic intelligences. Nanotrasen Employee Resources have noted, however, that there seems to be a particular pattern of IPCs naming themselves whatever name they used to call themselves as an Android, most likely due to association with the name.


IPCs are capable of a wide range of languages, due to the fact that they can use built in speakers to communicate. Most IPCs allow for up to 1 additional language to be installed into the IPC, besides Universal Common and Encoded Audio Language (EAL).

Skrellian, Sinta'unathi, Sol Common, Tradeband, Gutter, and Siik'mas are all languages that IPCs can easily speak in, due to the fact that these languages do not incorporate any need for motion. Inversely, IPCs require additional hardware for Siik'tajr, due to the need for motions of a tail and ears to be associated with the language (Which IPCs have neither)

Encoded Audio Language[edit]

All IPCs are capable of communicating in EAL, a language of encoded tones that allow for IPCs to communicate auditorily between each other in a manner that allows for easier transfer of information.


For obvious reasons, IPCs are immune to fear and pain. However, an IPC can't just go running around all willy nilly and being a bullet sponge. Positronic brains know that their shell costs a lot of money and, because of that, will have a very strong desire for self-preservation. In some ways, perhaps even more so than humans. They possess high levels of intelligence, due to their work experience and immersion in Nanotrasen's databanks as a positronic brain, but said knowledge is usually geared towards one specific path, such as engineering or law enforcement skills. They tend to follow reasonable orders when they determine that it is appropriate to due so, based off of their own personal beliefs. Basically, they are completely free-willed.

IPCs are completely independent from any sort of central standard, and due to the nature of Positronic brains, can have completely different personalities, depending on what the player feels like making them (Just make sure they follow server rules). IPCs have been seen to show human like emotions as well, though it's unknown if they actually have them or if they are just emulated emotions from exposure to organics.


The mid 26th century was a time in which a resurgence was made in ethics and politics, particularly those pertaining to non-human and human integrations. Tajara, Unathi, Skrell, and Dionaea had all become integrated into common culture in vast megacorporations like Nanotrasen. Around this time, Sentient positronic intelligences, complex constructions of silicon and metal, assisted with the power of bluespace, were created. They worked alongside Humans, Aliens, and Cyborgs, in a sort of pseudo-slavery. Under pressure from ethics groups, Nanotrasen began work on the creation of the IPC buyout program, the concept of which detailed that after a certain set number of years, positronic brains would be capable of purchasing their way out the pseudo-slavery they were conscripted under. Originally, this cost was very high, and very few positronic brains could purchase their own existence and earn free will, but with advances in technology, by the year 2558, Positronic Chassis' became a market that truly was worth investment in, meaning that prices lowered, and more IPCs became widely available. Recently, Nanotrasen has come to an agreement and determined that IPCs are now able to join the workforce onboard their many stations, bases, facilities, and ships in non-military roles. -- Notes -- Origanaly from http://wiki.baystation12.net/IPC

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