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Administrative Staff
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Internal Affairs Agent
Access: Internal Affairs
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Supervisors: Captain
Duties: Make the crew work properly, report to Captain/CentComm
Guides: Official Guide, This is the guide

So you want yell?[edit]

Within your job line of being an IA Agent/IAA, you will experience many things within screaming at the bartender. But first, we must get started to get you ready. Your job is to make sure crew are in control, which is explained below. Remember, once again. The job can be VERY, VERY difficult at some points. Your job is to make sure that the crew is on task, up to date and working efficiently, not doing so will be constant buggery from the crew towards you and the heads. Your job is to also make things run smoothly, and make it easy for the crew and yourself. Remember, you are NOT. A. LAWYER.

Your job is very important to the undergoing of the station, you must take precautions in every action you do, and make sure you write up a proper, decent report. Do this wisely, and you will be undergoing as a professional. Each of the sections on this are very, very simple.

Your Office[edit]

Your office is where you get started, this is located near security. First, you'd want to sort out what folder is which, do so by picking them up and clicking them with a pen, where you can place them in your brief case or on your table. Getting changed is optional, too. Your office is where everything is, your paper, folders, lockers, fax machine, news caster, everything related to your job. By following this guide, you will be efficient enough to even have the mime fired.

Jobs to look out for[edit]

As an IA Agent, there are a lot of jobs that you should carefully watch. Here are some examples.

  • Medical: Make sure the Medical Officers are doing their job correctly, and not poisoning people and treating it.
  • Security: Make sure security are not disregarding space law and permabrigging people for NO absolute reason, and that they follow the SoP.
  • Command: Make sure they are working efficiently.
  • Science: Make sure they are not giving advanced things to the crew without permission, and that they don't fuck shit up.

Doing your job[edit]

Now comes your time to shine, and get murdered by the racist bartender. Walk around the station, with papers, briefcase and a folder to keep your files in (and a pen!). Look around for people not doing their job properly, and tell them to get on line. If they continue, this is the fun part. You will want to make a report document Guide to Paperwork Example Paperwork.

Once you have your file ready, place it in the fax machine at your office and send it to the Captain, if he does not act upon it, send it to CentComm. If the captain DOES act on it, you did well! But if he did not, it's time to send things with your Fax Machine. Send a written report to CentComm, you will most likely get a report back asking for more details, or a message for what to do with them. (Sending to CentComm will make sure that the overseers of the online staff receive this, and allow them to act on it.)

Operating a Fax Machine[edit]

This is your little friend from when it comes to disregard the captain not taking action, and bring it to the heads of the heads.

  • Click on the Fax Machine with a written paperwork, this will insert it.
  • Go into the Fax Machine interface and click on the blue lines next to Confirm Identity, and then Log In.
  • Click send, and it will be underway.
  • Remove the paper, and put it in a folder, or the paper shredder.

((Note that removing your ID logs out of the Fax Machine, and will require you to log back in if you wish/need to send more.))

A shift well done.[edit]

Well done, you have successfully done your job, you may rinse and repeat, or kick your legs up at the desk. But be advised, people may constantly ask you to help them within the IAA terms. Just make sure people do not find that body.


Although this is VERY unlikely to happen as an IAA, it is very, very powerful of what you can do with your lack of access. You can go ahead and make false reports against anyone you want, which can even have the captain be demoted. You also have a personal locker, which you can hide your precious victims in.

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