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Kida Lore and Info provided by Mitchs98.


TLDR Version[edit]

The Kida are ant-like creatures possessing an exo-skeleton. Kida is plural, Kidan is singular. Kida do have blood and organs, though, much like a worm they have several hearts distributed through-out the body. Which means internal damage is less likely to kill them, but they run the risk of bleeding out quicker. Most medications work on them like other races, except inaprovaline which produces the same effect as drugs. Physically they are much taller than the average human, standing between 1.5-2.5 meters tall. Their eyes are very large and compound, making up most of their head. They have two upper limbs which serve as arms, and two long lower limbs which serve as legs. Their third set of arms are usually tucked away under their carapace as they have become vestigial over time. Wings are un-common, and the ability to actually fly is rare. Those with wings usually leave them folded away. Their carapace is usually dull browns or something of the like, though it is possible to see color splotches depending on the colony. Kida mouths look much like that of an ant, with mandibles to help pull the food apart to eat it. Their names tend to be more buggy sounding, with a lot of buzz sounds in them for example 'Koz'Zhaz'Zar' would be a typical Kida name. Not all names are like this, however, depending on the colony and lineage it could be completely different. Males tend to live for 70 years, and females tend to live for 160. Their home planet, Barai, is where their system of government lies, ran by the nobles.