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How to be a small little bugger?[edit]

Well you have to be dead ten minutes and then click or type Join as Drone. Simple as that. You'll end up in drone fabrication lab.

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Drone Fabrication, located - South West Engineering

You will pop out of the fabricator and be ready to do all the duties of a drone.


All drones start with the KEEPER lawset: (copy pasted from the MoMMI wiki, so it may be a bit different)

   > 1. Preserve, repair and improve the station to the best of your abilities.

1. You must maintain, repair, improve, and power the station to the best of your abilities. You must repair and improve the station, but that is not an excuse to build what you want and behave like an asshole, like building unnecessary walls in the hallways or building a fukken sauna using PLASMA FIRE. If you are not sure if an improvement is valid or not ask yourself the next: "Does it increase the productivity or safety?". If still in doubt, adminhelp.

   > 2. Cause no harm to the station or anything on it.

2. You may not harm any being, regardless of intent or circumstance. This is pretty clear, DO NOT HARM, ANYTHING, EVER. Doing so will earn you a job ban, an a job ban from drones is also a job ban from borgs. Do not touch people, you can't even attack carps. If you are in danger, just run like hell. Run and jump in disposals, if you set your mail tag while in a disposal unit, it will engage it instantly. Also, jumping out of an airlock trying to escape venting the room in the process is a form of harm, don't do it. But you can kill vines (the green ones), wallrot and biomass. About the alien purple vines, you can try to clear them, but if an alien tries to kill you, you must assume that the vines are "his matters", so run away and come back when the alien is gone instead of running from the alien while destroying all the vines around. Also, if you were wondering, the alien eggs have huggers inside, destroying them would harm the hugger, breaking your 2nd law, so leave the unhatched eggs alone. Blobs: an army of drones would purge the blob in seconds, and drones are not supossed to mess with antags, so don't actively fight the blob. You can, however, fix the damage it caused, example: you want to fix a wall, but the blob is on the way, break the 2 blob tiles then fix the wall and move on. If a blob spore attacks you, run (dont be a smartass and say " i want to fix that wall under the blob core").

   > 3. Interfere with no being that is not a fellow drone, AI or cyborg.

3. You may not involve yourself in the matters of another being, even if such matters conflict with Law Two or Law Three, unless the other being is another drone in KEEPER mode. You can't interact with any beings, unless that being is another drone, AI or Cyborg. But this also allows you to totally ignore any kind of orders. Though if the AI says "atmos alert in telescience" then you can go fix it if you want. You can also say ":b beep, broken windows at escape" so the AI hears it. If people talks to you, you must ignore them, you can *beep, *buzz, *ping if you want. If someone picks you up, you can type "resist" to wriggle free, but you are not forced to if you are happy being a hat, nobody will ban you for that, maybe the guy is bringing you to something to fix. But if you see broken stuff or there is job to do you must go fix it instead of acting as hat. The clown is tearing down a wall? ignore him, move on, and come back when he is gone to fix the wall. Two guys crowbaring each other to death? feel free to watch them in amusement, then spray the loser with space cleaner to clean the blood and move on. An assistant lifting floortiles, cutting cables, and breaking cameras? Same like with the clown, wait for him to leave, then fix the damage when you are sure that he left. The point of this is that you need to see every entity as noisy walking furniture, or fleshy debris. Just give zero fucks about anybody, unless he is another drone like you.

If you notice something weird with your laws, two things may be happening:
-Bugssss: If you have the AI's lawset, it is because of a bug, go to the drone control console, just next to the drone fabricator in engineering near the Supermatter engine, and resync your laws, you will get the KEEPER (default) lawset.
-Emag: If you have a 0th law saying "Only X and people he designates are syndicate agents", then you are probably emagged. You must now follow this individual's orders.

What to do[edit]

Things you can do as drone:

  • Wire the solars.
  • Expand the solars.
  • Build your own solar array! (though you will need human help to set up the consolae and solar tracker, as you cant pick up the boards).
  • Fix the mess-ups of the engis (OH GOD THEY LEFT KNOTS ON THE SOLARS)
  • Patch hull breaches.
  • Expand the station, build new rooms.
  • Fix the assembly line or the abandoned office.
  • Reinforce EVERYTHING!! Floors! Windows! Tables!
  • Set up cameras in maint, you can get camera assemblies from the cyborg station room, right door in the AI upload.
  • Set up lights in maint.
  • Actually, set up lights everywhere! DARKNESS CANNOT HIDE!!
  • Make a meteor shield, surround the ENTIRE STATION with grilles!
  • Grilles? why not with wall girders with shocked grilles on them surrounded by two capes of reinforced glass and a full reinforced window on top of that?
  • Improve the disposal system, like a way for recycled materials to go to engineering from disposals (thank Kluys for this one).
  • The atmos piping system is overly fragile, a well placed IED can break the entire atmos loop!

Dont throw that at me![edit]

You are also very fragile, even a thrown rubber ducky can dent you, and you are not allowed to ask a fleshy to fix you, but another drone can fix all your damage with just a welder. If you see a dented borg, you can also fix it if you wish, as is part of the station's equipment you need to maintain.

   > If you run out of metal/glass/whatever, dont panic, just go into a recharger, 

It will refill all your stocks with the power of bluespace (because how else can you hold an entire room worth of materials in your tiny body? BLUESPEHSS!!).

Correct Responses[edit]

TL;DR: FAQ: (Shamelessly stolen from the MoMMI wiki)

  • Someone is asking me to open a door. What is the correct response?
   > Ignore him, if you need to cross that door, then just go, that guy is lucky if he passes behind you, then use disposals to get out and 
   > leave him locked there, hehehe. Just like when beepsky sometimes open doors and assistants use it to enter places they shouldn't.
  • I saw traitorous activity.
   > Ignore it, fix stuff without getting in their way.
  • Dead bodies
   > Ignore it. Move them like you would any other large piece of debris in your way if it interferes with your construction, 
   > but under no circumstances make it easier or harder for anyone to find them. If possible, even place them back 
   > where they were after all is said and done.
  • Bombs/Station damaged by traitors/hulks
   > Unless explicitly told not to interfere, repair the damage when safe to do so.
  • I need materials to complete a task, but they're only obtainable from a certain department.
   > Just grab them. If you don't want to be a dick, replenish their supplies later. Go into a recharger, 
   > it will completely replenish your stocks of metal and glass (for wood you need to look in botany, for platic recycle the litter like empty jerky bags)

AI IS MALF![edit]

WELL YOU ARE NOT. If you are, is because of a bug, go to the drone control console and resync your laws, it should be fixed. Stay out of the AI and the crew's ways. Don't build shield generators around the AI's core, don't repair thermited walls, and don't fix plasma floods until hostilities have ceased. Just dont mess with the antags, nor help them.