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Nanotrasen Staff
Access: Medical, Virology
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Cure Diseases!
Guides: Baystation Guide, Guide to Medicine, BestRP Guide

Getting Started

This is the guide for the BestRP server, which will teach you the bases and depths of virology!

When you first join in on the game, you will spawn in a room surrounded by glass, machines, crates and medical supplies. These will be value to you when it comes to curing a virus.

When you spawn in as a virologist, you will most likely be in the chair, surrounded by two machines, two tables and a crate, open that crate up and you will have the beauty of three, that's right, THREE unique viruses. There are different ways to research these, and it is quite exciting too.

Growing the Virus

Growing the virus is the most important step of finding out the knowledge of your virus. This is quite simple, just follow these steps.

  • Fill a beaker with virus food. The beakers can be found on the southern table and on the North West table. Virus Food is obtained through the dispenser behind the NW beaker box.
  • Put this inside your Pathogenic Inbubator and wait half a minute, this will fill your virus food storage to 100. (Note that you can fill it up higher)
  • Eject the chemicals, this will give you your beaker back.
  • Place the virus dish from the crate at the South West corner into the Pathogenic Incubator, and turn it on.
  • Watch in awe as the Growth Integrity grows by 3% every second. Wait until it hits 100%. The Incubator usually pings when it's finished its process.

And that is how you grow a virus! Just keep stocked up with virus food, it will always come in handy.

Researching the Virus

This is also important, this will get you all the details, and will include the Antigen needed to cure it. With your 100% grown virus, place it inside the Disease Analyzer, this can be found at the South East corner of Virology. Notable as a big, black box. The box will rattle for a moment, and will print a sheet. It will come out something like this:

  • Analysis determined the existence of a GNAv2-based viral lifeform.
  • Designation: stamm #7130
  • Antigen: RHQ
  • Transmitted By: Airborne
  • Rate of Progression: 100
  • Species Affected: Human, Unathi, Skrell, Tajaran, Aviskree, Avisaran, kidan
  • Symptoms:
  • (1) Saliva Effect Strength: Average Verosity: 345
  • (2) Resting Syndrome Strength: Average Verosity: 255
  • (3) Hyperacidity Strength: Severe Verosity: 75
  • (4) Longevity Syndrome Strength: Average Verosity: 420

This is the general sheet you will get, of course with different symptoms. What you want to pay attention to is the Antigen.

Curing the Virus

Now is the time of truth. South West of virology, is an Antibody Scanner and a beaker of Radium. These are VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

  • Walk over to the right, you will find a box of monkey cubes. Grow one and take a blood sample, and place it inside a vial, which can be found on the mid table.
  • Fill the vial with the blood sample, and place it inside the Pathogenic Incubator along with the virus dish, and click Breed Virus.
  • After the virus has successfully breaded, remove the blood and inject it into the monkey. Also please put the monkey into a cell if you haven't already.
  • Inject the monkey with 10 units of Radium and wait around 2-4 minutes. This will create the Antigen.
  • Scan the monkey with the Antibody Scanner to see if you have the right Antigen, in this case, it will be RHQ because that is what our sheet up above stated it as.
  • Take blood out of the same monkey, and place it in a vial (it can be the same one, it does not matter), and place it inside the Isolation Centrifuge.
  • Click the button with the Antigen, this will take five to ten minutes to successfully complete.
  • Eject the vial once isolation has completed, it should have a blue liquid. Transfer this into a beaker and dilute it with water/top the beaker off with water.
  • You can go to chemistry to have it made into pills, or use your dropper to put it inside drinks of water.

You may always need more Antibodies/Antigens, depending on how populated the server is, or how many grey tiding assistants are roaming around ignoring everything they hear.

Congratulations! You have cured a virus! Now we get onto other levels of research.


Always be prepared. These bio hazards can pop up at ANY time. Outside of your virology double doors, is a locker with a BH/Bio Hazard suit. Put this on along with latex gloves, which is found inside of virology and an air supply system. This will lower the chances of being infected.

Time to be the hero!

This is where you become a hero. Following this guide, it will be more simple than it sounds.

  • Take the patients infected blood sample and place it in a vial.
  • Isolate the vial into a new virus dish, and grow it inside the Incubator
  • Analyze the virus once ejected, to see what effects it has.
  • Take another sample of blood, and inject a monkey in a separate cell with it, and continue on with the steps from above to cure the virus from step four (injecting ten units of Radium).

Once you have made the cure for the station, congratulations! You're a station wide hero! Now bask on awe as you still get stabbed in the eye in the bar for not giving the assistant a Medical-HUD.

Saving a Virus

Want to keep a virus before you play around with it? Get a vial of clean blood, breed and isolate! It will create a new virus dish which you SHOULD name with the hand-labeler.

  • Get a vial of clean blood.
  • Breed the virus inside the Incubator.
  • Isolate the vial once ejected and successfully breaded, this will give you a new virus dish.
  • Hand label the virus and place it inside the fridge. Please note that fridging it does not effect anything, and just acts as a kick ass storage.

Creating a New Virus

This is a really fun part of being a virologist, which gives you the ability to find more things to fuck up the station with! Inside your Incubator, is a button called Add Radiation, spam that like cookie clicker, you'll need it for a while.

  • Place your virus (which must be grown to 100%) inside the Incubator and turn it on. This will pulse 10,000 radiation units per second.
  • Leave it until it says information about a mutation strand, this will be randomized, and for any stage.
  • Eject the virus, make sure it's on 100% of its growth stage.
  • Place it inside the Analyzer, this will once again give you a sheet.

This can be done as many times as you want, and will not effect you at all, unless you manage to release it somehow...


If you manage to get the role of a traitor as a virologist, you're quite in luck! Get started on researching viruses, because you can use these to your advantage(Always clear this up with an admin first, with what the virus contains and extra information). Once you have viruses research, start injecting people, spiking drinks and food, and running around in your Anti-Virus biohazard suit.

Virus Names and Effects

Everything, or most things that you will be dealing with on the field. GOOD LUCK, COMRADE! (Thank you to Baystation 12 devs for Virus List)

Stage 4

  • Gibbingtons Syndrome: Gibs the infected person. Obviously fatal.
  • Radian's syndrome: Build up of Radiation damage.
  • Dead Ear Syndrome: Causes deafness.
  • Monkism syndrome: Turns infected into monkey.
  • Suicidal syndrome: Makes the infected person suicide.
  • Toxification syndrome: Causes severe Toxin damage.
  • Reverse Pattern Syndrome: Causes severe clone damage.
  • Shutdown Syndrome: Causes the death of limbs and toxin damage.
  • Longevity Syndrome: Causes the "You suddenly feel hurt and old..." message and organ damage when cured. Needs testing.
  • Fragile Bones Syndrome: Causes bone damage.

Stage 3

  • Hyperacid Syndrome: Causes lesser Toxin damage.
  • World Shaking syndrome: Vision shakes.
  • Telepathy Syndrome: Gives telepathy.
  • Lazy mind syndrome: Causes brain damage.
  • Hallucinational Syndrome: Causes Hallucinations.
  • Hard of hearing syndrome: Causes deafness.
  • Uncontrolled Laughter Effect: Causes giggling.
  • Topographical Cretinism: Causes confusion.
  • DNA Degradation: Causes lesser clone damage.
  • Groaning Syndrome: Causes groaning.

Stage 2

  • Loudness Syndrome: Causes screaming.
  • Automated sleeping syndrome: Causes drowsiness and sleeping.
  • Resting syndrome: Causes collapsing.
  • Blackout Syndrome: Makes you blind.
  • Anima Syndrome: Causes coughing and mucus spreading. Also makes disease airborne.
  • Appetiser Effect: Causes increased hunger.
  • Refridgerator Syndrome: Causes shivering.
  • Hair Loss: Causes hair loss and the "Your hair starts to fall out in clumps..." message.
  • Adrenaline Extra: Causes the "You feel a rush of energy inside you!" message. Also gives you hyperzine.

Stage 1

  • Coldingtons Effect: Causes sneezing and mucus spreading. Also makes disease airborne.
  • Flemmingtons: Causes the 'Mucous runs down the back of your throat.' message. No other effects.
  • Saliva Effect: Causes drooling.
  • Twitcher: Causes twitching.
  • Headache: Causes the "Your head hurts a bit" message.
  • Waiting Syndrome: Harmless, though prevents early detection.


  • Unidentified Foreign Body: Caused by an Alien Embryo. Requires Surgery to remove.
  • Ghost Effect: Causes the infected to look pale. Probably removed.
  • Poor Balance Syndrome: Causes stumbling. Probably removed.
  • Hoarse Throat: Makes people rasp. Probably removed.