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Wizard Federation Staff
Access: What your spells grant you access to.
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Wizard Federation
Duties: Teleport around the station! Animate objects into hostile things! Kill yourself with your own fireballs!
Guides: This page.

Congratulations, you have chosen or been chosen to join the Wizard Federation. Now being part of this sect of wizards, you are ready to board the N.S.S Horizon and complete a laughably easy objective.

Might and Magic![edit]

A wizard is naturally a wizard because of their benevolent powers, which they can freely choose from. They can afford up to 5 spelss/artificats which can be refunded in the ready room if you aren't satisfied, this doesn't count for artifacts. The way cooldown points works are a bit broken, but an accurate representation would be that one cooldown point is 1.5 seconds.

He's got many tricks up his sleeve![edit]

The wizard has access to the following "robed" spells, which requires him to wear a full set of wizard robes (Robe and hat)

  • Magic Missile: Summons several, slow moving orbs that home in on targets, stunning them on impact and dealing low amounts of damage. It has a cooldown of 15
  • Disable Technology: Sends out an EMP wave, disabling electronic equipment in a large area. It also makes people wearing Meson Scanners blind and has a chance of electrifying doors. It has a cooldown of 40
  • Blink: Probably one of the most frustrating spells in the game, it teleports the wizard to a random location on their current screen, tough they don't require vision of that area. It has a cooldown of 2, giving it the shortest cooldown of any spell
  • Mutate: Turns the caster into a stronger version of himself, that has all the abilities of a hulk (as well as the shouting), as well as being able to shoot lasers from his eyes (Or he's supposed to be able to, but it doesn't do anything but turn you into a hulk). It has a cooldown of 40
  • Ethereal Jaunt: Causes the Wizard to dissolve into a puddle of water, allowing it to pass trough walls and other objects before re-appearing at the location where he's currrntly standing. You cannot move around if you are stunned and you cannot Jaunt onto tiles that are blessed by the Chaplain. It has a cooldown of 30
  • Teleport: Teleports a player towards that area. You start off with a teleportation scroll with 5 charges which does the exact same, but the scroll cannot be activated when you are for example, stunned. It has a cooldown of 60, giving it the biggest cooldown out of any spell

They'd never would suspect him.[edit]

In addition to these robed spells, he also has robeless spells which can be cast without having to wear robes, allowing one to go undercover.

  • Fireball: One of the few robe less spells to be offensive. It throws a big ball of fire in the direction you're currently facing, dealing high amounts of Area of effect damage as well as doing collateral damage. It has a cooldown of 10
  • Smoke: Summons a cloud of smoke that blocks vision. Teleporting will also leave a cloud of smoke. It has a cooldown of 12
  • Blind: Fully blinds a single target for a short amount of time. It has a cooldown of 30
  • Forcewall: Creates an indestructible wall for 30 seconds. Has a cooldown of 10.
  • Knock: Opens all doors near the caster, even those that are bolted. Has a cooldown of 10
  • Curse of the Horseman: Turns the targets head into a horse head, which makes them unable to properly speak as well as blinding them for a short period of time. This will also disintegrate any head wear that they wore. There is no way of getting rid of it other then applying Polytrinic acid directly to the forehead. Has a cooldown of 15.
  • Mind Swap: Allows you to permanently take control of the target's body, killing their mind in the process (They get ghosted). It has a small chance of causing you to lose a spell, including mindswap. Has a cooldown of 60.

That belongs in a museum![edit]

In addition to spells, the wizard also has artifacts, that posses great power, although these items can also be used by your average mortal.

  • Mind Focus: Exclusive to our servers, this staff launches a deadly bolt towards the foe that deals massive amounts of damage. The bolt also knocks the target about.
  • Staff of Change: Turns a human being into something else, which can be good or bad. Having this used against you is also very bad.
  • Staff of Animation: Let's you build a vast army of objects by shooting them with the staff. They will pursue everyone but the wizard and deal a descent amount of brute damage.
  • Mastercrafted Armor set: Gem-encrusted armor that not only gives a descent amount of brute and fire protection, but will also protect against the vacuum of space (and count as a wizard robe, naturally).
  • Six soul stone shards and the spell Artificer: This gives you a belt filled with 6 soul stone shards which can be used to absorb the souls of fallen foes. By using them on empty shells summoned by the Artificer spell, you can create a construct that will serve you until the bitter end. You have the option to choose from the Juggernaut, a hard hitting and tough creation that moves rather slow, a fast moving Wraith that can teleport trough walls and deal high amounts of brute damage or an Artificer which makes walls, floor, empty shells and more Soul shards for you.

The Necropolis.[edit]

There are also a few spells that were removed/disabled for various reasons:

  • Summon Guns: Spawns a random gun at a persons feet, which can only be casted once. A small percentage would also get a free pass to kill anyone. This would most of the time trigger rampages by both those that were given a free pass and those that weren't.
  • Disintegrate: Instantly gibs anyone standing in melee range, leaving nothing but gibs and a brain. This would most of the time remove someone from the game permanently and leave players angry about their sudden deaths.
  • Veil Render: Summons a miniature Nar-sie that you could controll for a short period of time, gibbing anyone it touches and destroying any objects that it contacted (and modifying existing walls/floors to the Cult variant). You can get why we removed this.